Composite Fillings

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Sometimes cavities and tooth decay are inevitable. Cavities can be caused by a variety of factors, from genetics to diet and the frequency you brush and floss. In the early stages of tooth decay, the standard treatment is to remove the decay and fill-in the area where the cavity has occured.

Conventional fillings are made of metal or silver, and whilst this makes them durable, they are also extremely noticeable. An increasing number of people are becoming concerned about the appearance of their teeth and their impact on their smile. As such, a mouth containing metal cavity fillings may make someone feel unattractive. At SD Dental Implants, we offer composite fillings, also referred to as "tooth-colored fillings."

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings work the same way as a standard, metal filling. However, they are instead constructed from an amalgam of tooth colored filling. The color camouflages it within your tooth, maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Is a composite filling placed the same way as traditional fillings?

Composite is much softer than metal, and so it is applied to your tooth in layers. After each layer is applied, we will use a special curing light which will harden the composite and make it strong and durable.

The number of layers required will depend on the depth of your cavity. This sometimes means that receiving a composite filling can take longer than a metal alternative.

However, when all layers have been applied and cured, we will shape the composite so that it fits your tooth and looks completely natural. It will then be polished which will help to prevent staining and early signs of wear and tear.

What are the advantages of choosing composite fillings?

The main reason that people choose composite over metal fillings is for the discretion that they offer. Once in place, composite fillings are almost imperceptible to anyone you may see or speak to.

They also protect your teeth in exactly the same way that metal fillings do, supporting the remaining structure of the tooth and insulating it from excessive temperature changes.

Are there any disadvantages to choosing composite fillings?

There are a few considerations that you should make when choosing composite fillings, although most patients feel that the benefits far outweigh any disadvantages.

While metal fillings are stain resistant, the color of composite varieties mean that over time they could become stained, particularly if you regularly consume food and drink containing tannins such as red wine or coffee, or if you smoke.

Composite fillings are more expensive than metal alternatives. If you are planning on using your dental insurance to cover the cost of your treatment you should carefully check that your policy includes cover for composite fillings.

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